Software Updates. AwareX shall work with the Customer to select which feature(s) from AwareX’s most recently available and released product to include in a Software Update. The selected feature(s) within the Software Update for the Customer is defined in AwareX’s product management system.  This is in accordance with the tier of support purchased by Customer.  AwareX continuously provides enhanced or additional capabilities and/or bug fixes in its Product.  AwareX shall provide notice to Customer of the availability of Updates and Upgrades, and Customer will make reasonable efforts to review, test and approve the installation of Updates and Upgrades of the Software within thirty (30) days with respect to any Update or Upgrade for which AwareX notifies Customer has been issued to address an actual or threatened Claim of infringement. AwareX shall, promptly on receiving such consent, and at no additional charge to Customer, install such Update or Upgrade. AwareX shall also offer to Customer assistance for other requested Customer specific services at AwareX’s then applicable time and materials rates.  AwareX reserves the right to provide Updates for only specific versions of the Software it deems appropriate, so that changes made in Updates and Upgrades may not be applied to all previously released versions of the Software. AwareX shall have no liability for, or any obligations due to, any changes in Customer’s hardware, systems, Backend Connections or other software that may be necessary to use or access new versions of the Software. AwareX will provide maintenance for the most current and immediately preceding Upgrade versions of the Software, provided that AwareX shall support any Upgrade released during the prior 12 months.

Software Environment Updates. AwareX shall use all reasonable efforts to furnish Customer with new releases of the Software that are required by changes to the Customer equipment, products and the Customer operating environments. AwareX agrees that such new Updates will be available to Customer for evaluation and acceptance after a period of time following the introduction of the new operating environments or changes to Customer hardware. Such reasonable period shall take into account the extent of the changes in the new operating environment. 

Software Repository. AwareX is responsible for maintaining copies any Updates, and related documentation, for Customer.

Applicability. Maintenance is available to customers with current paid up accounts only.