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AwareX’s Digital Customer Engagement Suite


AwareX's Digital Customer Engagement Suite  transforms the way Communication Service Providers (CSPs) engage with their customers by providing an exceptional customer experience through persona-based, relevant, and consistent interactions at every digital customer touchpoint.

AwareX reimagines the customer relationship and engagement journeys based on effortless customer sensitive design across digital customer touchpoints, such as mobile, web, chat, intent sensing Bots, social media and voice, to deliver a unified and low-effort customer experience.  

It lets CSPs uncover insights from every customer experience using powerful analytics, pre-configured journeys, and APIs that integrate partner and CSP ecosystems. The result is thoughtful, personalized and enjoyable customer engagement --- all in a single platform.



The AwareX Digital Customer Engagement Suite consists of two major components: Digital Touchpoints and the AgoraTM Customer Engagement Hub. Digital Touchpoints provide an interface with any customer device - IOS, Android, Web, Alexa, etc. Agora provides over 300 pre-built customer journeys (example: PrePaid wireless customer doing a top-up) and enriches the customer experience by integrating with services like payment gateways, campaign management, and content management. Agora also seamlessly integrates with complex CSP backend systems such as BSS, OSS, and General Ledger. This architecture allows our customers to quickly (90 days or less) deliver a powerful set of digital experiences to their customers without an expensive, lengthy 'transformation' program.

Digital Customer Touchpoints

Digital Customer Touchpoint

Digital Customer Touchpoints

More than ever, customers have higher expectations about how they want to interact with CSPs.  The Digital Customer Touchpoints of mobile, web, chat, intent sensing Bots, social media, or voice are the way they engage with the you.  These are the key moments that the customer comes into contact with your brand.   You must take hold of these moments as an opportunity to build customer trust with a great experience.

By design Agora Digital Customer Touchpoints, create low effort customer interactions delivering consistent experiences with context and situational awareness.   Agora Digital Customer Touchpoints are more precise and specific enabling the you to create a highly relevant and personalized customer experience.    

With white-labeling trade dress it creates the visual identity of your brand along with the AgoraTM persona-based mobile and web Touchpoints are persona-based enables a tailor-made customer engagement.   The persona determines what is displayed to the customer on their chosen Digital Customer Touchpoint including language and localization, dynamic content, and targeted customer messaging and communications to increase loyalty and increase revenue.

Engagement Engine


Engagement Engine

Our Technology


Our Technology

Additional Product Features

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If you have a problem or need immediate support, our team is available 24*7*365. We support a full service level agreement (SLA) for both service uptime and response time.

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Each system is delivered with a complete set of monitoring tools. We measure a wide range of KPIs and ensure your end users get the best response times. Your team will have access with full transparency to both dashboards and detailed analysis.

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AwareX adds new features and functions to the base product in multiple releases a year. This means we help you present a high tempo refresh rate and keep up with industry trends/updates as needed.