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AwareX’s Digital Customer Engagement Suite


Headless By Design, Engaging By Intent

AwareX’s Digital Customer Engagement Suite is based on a headless or decoupled architecture. This is critical to managing engagement in the Digital Age. Headless allows us to update any of the Touchpoints with new capabilities and the rest of the platform is unaffected. Similarly, you can update or add customer journeys with no effect on the Touchpoints. In addition to the headless advantages within the AwareX Suite, it also applies to the external Interaction Services such as Payment Gateways and Campaign Managers as well as downstream data sources like Billing, Product Catalog, and OSS. In one example our customer had our suite in place while they were performing a consolidation of billing systems – all the billers used the same APIs to communicate with AwareX so the AwareX Suite experienced no  downtime from the consolidation.

The AwareX Suite is designed for the future. Fully cloud-native, microservices-based, and compliant with the TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) Standard. The Suite features telco-grade scaling and resiliency.


One of the best features of the AwareX Digital Customer Engagement Suite is how fast it can be deployed. A vast majority of AwareX Enablements require no coding, just configuration to turn the required journeys and functions “on”.  AwareX can often complete an Enablement for a new customer in less than 90 days. This is a stark contrast from the poor ROI associated with past end-to-end ‘transformation programs’.

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Digital Customer Touchpoints

Subscribers engage digitally with their CSPs in many ways – an IOS or Android-based app, the CSP’s web portal, chat, social media, or voice-based channels like WhatsApp or Alexa. AwareX’s Touchpoints offer a common look and feel across the visual touchpoints, while also supporting the unique experience that IOS, Android, and web users expect.

In addition to proven industry-leading apps, web, and chatbots; all AwareX Touchpoints support multiple languages and push notifications. This enables CSPs to further segment and personalize the experiences they offer.


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Today’s customers expect and reward a personalized experience. For CSPs looking to preserve or increase market share, being able to personalize each customer’s digital experience is a clear competitive advantage.

AwareX supports personalization via Personas. A Persona is any uniquely identified subset of your customer base to whom you would like to present a different experience. It can be defined as simply as a different language, or a different service type (wireless vs. fixed, Consumer vs. Enterprise). Our customers are increasingly providing different experiences based on user demographics – a GenZ user is going to enjoy and respond to screens differently than a Boomer.  Personas not only allow the CSP to personalize which journeys and screens a customer sees and has access to, it enables targeted marketing campaigns and offers to those distinct Personas. Our Personas are built flexibly, and can be adjusted to fit any CSP’s market segmentation strategy.

Engagement Journeys


Engagement Journeys

Customers engage digitally with CSPs in many ways – to top-up their prepaid balance, to solve a problem with their phone, or to purchase their CSP’s latest products and services. Each one of these engagements is a journey, each contributing to their overall customer journey with their CSP. AwareX has built over 300 distinct journeys into our platform, easily configured to serve your customers and your business. These are the experiences that collectively make the difference in retention and upsell.

Customer expectations for the quality and quantity of these digital journeys have never been higher – they expect a consistent, personalized, and intentional experience. The AwareX Digital Customer Experience Suite is built with this in mind, and is intended to support any of the journeys customers might conduct with a contact center, but with a better experience for the customer and a far lower cost for the CSP.

Interaction Services


Interaction Services

Your customers have high expectations of what they can accomplish through your digital channels. As a CSP you want to enable an ever-increasing set of capabilities that drive more revenue and prevent expensive calls to your contact center. AwareX’s Interaction Services make it happen.

AwareX’s Interaction Services provide access to an unlimited of cloud-based services that enrich the customer experience. Customers can apply for micro-loans to enable purchases of equipment or digital services. Customers can access and purchase from your or any e-commerce store. CSPs can manage and launch digital marketing campaigns via their existing campaign management and Next Best Offer systems. AwareX Interaction Services also include APIs to payment gateways, eKnowYourCustomer, and other value-added partners. AwareX has an existing set of APIs for these functions and is constantly adding more.

Business Integration Connectors

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Business Integration Connectors

CSPs have a unique challenge in offering digital engagement to their subscribers – a very complex back-end IT and data infrastructure. Multiple billing and CRM systems, network management systems, financial systems, product catalogs, etc. make sourcing critical customer data for customer inquiries and transactions exceedingly difficult. AwareX’s Business Integration Connectors take the guesswork and risk out of that process by establishing a standard set of REST APIs associated with each customer journey. AwareX has successfully integrated with Amdocs, Netcracker, CSG, Optiva, and home-grown bespoke billers. The power of this approach is that we source data once and it can be used for any journey and any channel; while providing CSPs the ability to change those backend systems with minimal if any impact to the AwareX platform.

Additional Product Features

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If you have a problem or need immediate support, our team is available 24/7/365. We support a full service level agreement (SLA) for both service uptime and response time.

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Each system is delivered with a complete set of monitoring tools. We measure a wide range of KPIs and ensure your end users get the best response times. Your team will have access with full transparency to both dashboards and detailed analysis.

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AwareX adds new features and functions to the base product in multiple releases a year. This means we help you present a high tempo refresh rate and keep up with industry trends/updates as needed.