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AwareX’s Digital Customer Engagement Suite


The AwareX Suite is designed for the future. The Digital Customer Engagement Suite is a fully cloud-native, microservices-based, and TMForum Open Digital Architecture (ODA) compliant standard platform. The Suite features telco-grade scaling and resiliency and includes a full dynamic digital library.

The dynamic digital library includes productized  off the shelf support for all you need to deliver an Intentional digital customer experience.

    • Touchpoints from native Apps and self-service websites
    • Multiple Persona support with dynamic real-time App reconfiguration all accessing a library of over 150 Telco-aware customer journeys
    • Real time Contextualised content
    • All supported by Open API integrations to your back-end systems (BSS/OSS)


One of the best features of the AwareX Digital Customer Engagement Suite is how fast it can be deployed. A vast majority of AwareX Enablements require no coding, just configuration to turn the required journeys and functions “on”.  AwareX can often complete an Enablement for a new customer in less than 90 days. 

Digital Customer Touchpoints

Subscribers engage digitally with their CSPs in many ways – an IOS or Android-based app, the CSP’s web portal, chat, social media, or voice-based channels like WhatsApp or Alexa. AwareX’s Touchpoints offer a common look and feel across the visual touchpoints, while also supporting the unique experience that IOS, Android, and web users expect.

In addition to proven industry-leading apps, web, and chatbots; all AwareX Touchpoints support multiple languages and push notifications. This enables CSPs to further segment and personalize the experiences they offer.


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AwareX supports multiple personas. You can offer intentional experiences to different subgroups and demographics of your customer base. Personas not only allow the CSP to personalize which journeys and screens a customer sees and has access to, it also enables targeted marketing campaigns and offers to those distinct Personas. Our Personas are built flexibly and can be adjusted to fit any CSP’s market segmentation strategy.


Engagement Journeys


Engagement Journeys

Telco-aware customer journeys are a part of the dynamic digital library and are standard. Mapped to the TMForum customer lifecycle and the Open Digital Architecture standard, AwareX provides you with over 150 high-level and hundreds of low-level optimized customer journeys right off the digital library shelf. Everything your customer might want to engage with you on is covered, a full suite of intentional customer interaction journeys, not just for self-service but context aware revenue upsell as well.

Interaction Services


Interaction Services

The dynamic digital library includes full Integration services to back-end BSS systems from market leaders to new players and even home-grown systems with no API’s at all. The library includes off the shelf integrations that offer the richest possible set of customer capabilities from E-commerce to Micro-loans to Next Best Offer, digital marketing campaigns and payments. These are just a few of the services that will make your App a destination App for your customers.

Business Integration Connectors

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Business Integration Connectors

The AwareX Digital Platform includes 168 ODA compliant Open API’s right off the digital library shelf, as well as a data connector tool for rapid updates to all those back-end systems. Fast, reliable, and scalable connections to your systems of record are enabled and supported.

The Digital Platform is configured as standard with a full analytics capability and supports multiple business and operational dashboards to show progress against your digital KPI’s.

You can see real time Business Metrics to fully understand your customers - how they use your service and how to microsegment them and both support them better and upsell them with products and services that they value.

AwareX has delivered a highly available (99.99% SLA), scalable and secure by design Digital Customer Experience system that enables the intentional customer experience.

Additional Product Features

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If you have a problem or need immediate support, our team is available 24/7/365. We support a full service level agreement (SLA) for both service uptime and response time.

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Each system is delivered with a complete set of monitoring tools. We measure a wide range of KPIs and ensure your end users get the best response times. Your team will have access with full transparency to both dashboards and detailed analysis.

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AwareX adds new features and functions to the base product in multiple releases a year. This means we help you present a high tempo refresh rate and keep up with industry trends/updates as needed.