Our Technology Partners

AwareX uses advanced technologies, frameworks and architectures to build, deliver and support digital customer engagement.

Our partners provide best in class solution architectures, standards, components and technologies which are deeply integrated into our offering to ensure we deliver a comprehensive and complete product.


tmforum logo

AwareX is an active member of the TMF, contributing to Catalyst projects and adhering to the ODA Open digital architecture standards.

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ncc-group logo

AwareX has a partnership with NCC for a new and innovative ESCROW which allows continuity of service from the Cloud.

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veracode logo

AwareX utilizes Veracode to secure our products.

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amazon logo

AwareX uses Amazon Elastic Cloud as a scalable, secure and highly available cloud platform to deliver our digital customer engagement managed service.

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localytics logo

We use Localytics as a Marketing, Analytics and Push Messaging technology partner.

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android logo

Android is a fundamental technology from Google that our systems are designed, supported and maintained to run on.

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iOS logo

IOS is a fundamental technology from Apple that our systems are designed, supported and maintained to run on.

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aha logo

We use Aha for our product roadmap planning and product management.

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jenkins logo

We use Jenkins as an open source automation server for building, deploying and automating our code deliverables.

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swift logo

We use Swift as the native apps development language from Apple for Apple iOS Apps.

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java logo

We use Java, code language from Oracle as the basis for AwareX’s suite of digital engagement products.

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