Enhance Customer Lifetime Value by Cultivating an Intentional Customer Experience

Engage, excite, and proactively solve problems for your customers. Built on the foundational belief that technology should enhance the human experience, we aim to help businesses like yours better engage with end-user customers using an easy-to-deploy suite of solutions that create superior, automated, digital experiences that meet and anticipate their needs, while also maximizing your service and revenue potential.

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Analyze, Evaluate and Predict Lifetime Value of a Customer to Your Business and Bottom Line

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a metric that represents the total revenue or profit a business expects to earn from a customer throughout their entire relationship. It is a way for businesses to evaluate and predict the long-term value of a customer. CLV takes into account the revenue generated from the customer's initial purchase, as well as any recurring purchases and additional services they may buy over time. Calculating CLV involves considering factors such as the customer's average purchase value, purchase frequency, and the expected duration of the business relationship. By understanding CLV, companies can make more informed decisions about customer acquisition, retention, and marketing strategies. It helps in identifying high-value customers and tailoring efforts to maximize their long-term value to the business.

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Customer Lifetime Value

What do our valued clients have to say?

My Flow self-care enables much faster resolution of service interruption while reducing calls to our call center. Overall it improves efficiency and enhances the customer experience. – Alvin Stokes VP, Global Contact Centers, Liberty Latin America
With the quick launch of the My DigiGo app we not only delivered on our promise to reach our customers on their channel of choice but also on our commitment to deliver the latest technology and product offerings to our service subscribers. – Rochus Schreiber CEO, Digi
DST are on a major digital transformation journey and it has been a pleasure to have partnered for the past 2 years with AwareX to provide a native cloud-based platform and digital channels to deliver digital services to our customer base both mobile and fixed – Andy Lai Boon Ho VP Digital & Innovation , DST
AwareX technology allows us to worry less about IT and focus more on our network and our customers. – Eugene O'Shaughnessy Head of Technology Group, Cellular One
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