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Engage with your customers over any digital channel. You win by cutting costs, increasing revenues and boosting customer satisfaction.

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Who is AwareX?

Our company believes that contextual awareness is critical to providing the best consumer digital engagement. Service Providers are able to identify, offer and deploy relevant new services to consumers. Our platform can then deliver multi-pronged engagement: self-service, new product selection and payment, push notifications within an app, links to specific promotions or directions to the nearest store location.

This closed loop interaction not only presents data in a meaningful and actionable way for a consumer but helps service providers maximize overall wallet share.

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AwareX products deliver total digital engagement

Why AwareX?

  • Enables you to move to a digital business model leveraging your existing back-end systems
  • Provides the ability to communicate and self-serve on any digital channel
  • Delivers context aware revenue up-sell opportunities with automated campaigns

Product Features

AwareX is a 100% pure software as a service product offering. It is delivered from the Cloud and provides 365 day, 24 hour customer engagement for a wide range of optimized customer journeys.


Service Types

Mobile Pre-Paid, Mobile Post-Paid, Mobile Hybrid, Fixed Line, Internet, TV, VOD, Cable


Digital Clients

Native Android, Native iOS, Responsive Web, Voice, Facebook, SMS bots



Real time context aware microservices integration, Secure data transfer & transform, Content management, Analytics, Marketing, Operational monitoring

How does AwareX deliver?


How does AwareX deliver?

Our approach is different…we think consumer first. We provide a rapidly deployable solution that works with any and multiple back-end systems; we are carrier grade in terms of scalability, security, performance, manageability and functionality.

We are fast to market and provide a low total cost of ownership. We are a digital engagement platform; we use fully cloud-native deployments to enable transformation of traditional consumer and B2B engagement; consumers choose native iOS and Android apps, chat-bots, voice assistants or web-based elements.

What Our Customers Say

“My Flow self-care enables much faster resolution of service interruption while reducing calls to our call center. Overall it improves efficiency and enhances the customer experience.”

Alvin Stokes
Senior VP, Customer Experience, Cable & Wireless

“With the quick launch of the My DigiGo app we not only delivered on our promise to reach our customers on their channel of choice but also on our commitment to deliver the latest technology and product offerings to our service subscribers.”

Rochus Schreiber
CEO, Digi