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AwareX customers expand digital engagement during COVID-19 crisis

Micro-Lending and other features enable service providers to express empathy, reward loyalty and increase share of wallet.

Boston, MA, USA, 8th June 2020 

Immediate release 

AwareX today announced availability of a package of features to enable communications service providers to build stronger relationships with their customers during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

In many parts of the world, consumer cash flow is under severe pressure, and of course communications remain an essential service, taking on an even more important role in times of isolation. According to McKinsey& Company, “Customer experience has taken on a new definition and dimension in the overwhelming challenge of COVID-19. Customer leaders who care and innovate during this crisis and anticipate how customers will change their habits will build stronger relationships that will endure well beyond the crisis’s passing.”

Communications service providers can address this opportunity by providing a broad set of digital out-reach using the market proven context-aware digital customer engagement suite of products from AwareX. One way is to ensure their subscribers will not run out of credit in any situation. Customers who are short on cash but need to top-up their phone’s credit no longer need worry. The AwareX Micro-Lending journey enables a customer to request credit advances or recharge ‘loans’ if their accounts are nearing a low balance and they can’t afford to pay for a top-up or aren’t able to visit a top-up center because of social distancing or for any other reason.

Other examples include:

  • Enabling customers to pay on behalf of others, or to transfer entitlements to friends or family members. Use of this feature on the AwareX platform has risen by a staggering 600% year-on-year in April.
  • Enabling customers to augment their bill payment with a donation to a charitable fund that can support others in need with one Service provider recently raising and donating $100,000.
  • Distributing pro-active and valuable information to customers through a variety of precise targeting techniques including geo-fencing.
  • Surveying customer sentiment using proactive feedback tools

AwareX has a track-record of success, rapidly deploying out of the box customer journeys for some of the world’s largest service providers. For those companies, this has already resulted in demonstrably reduced costs to support, increased revenue through context-aware upsell, and increased lifetime value of customer.

Michael Mathews, CEO of AwareX remarked: “Our customers realize that the “New Normal” requires an acceleration of the journey to digital transformation, and that this is best achieved by taking small and effective steps focusing first on customers, delivering early results. We recommend putting massive projects on the back-burner. They may be a necessity at some point in the future, but if we can all work together to make real digital progress now, the customer base will see benefits much faster, and will appreciate the experience for much longer.”


AwareX is a Boston-based software company that is transforming the way Service Providers interact with customers. Digital Engagement apps, bots and portals powered-by-the AwareX secure, scalable, low-code cloud-native platform are currently supporting over 5 million users in 20 countries, enabling our service provider customers to achieve more profitable consumer and business engagement by reducing cost of support, increasing add-on revenue and driving greater customer satisfaction.  

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