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My Flow App Drives Operational Efficiency, Enhances Customer Engagement and Delivers Promotional Information

Boston, MA – May 29, 2018 AwareX today announced the live customer launch of the latest version of the My Flow mobile application on behalf of Cable & Wireless Communication. This comprehensive mobile application provides enhanced features for TV, Internet and Fixed Line Cable & Wireless users, while also providing additional high-value self-care features for existing Mobile pre-paid and postpaid users.

With the My Flow app customers are able to take charge of many more aspects of their communications and entertainment services, including activation of TV and mobile add-ons; and trouble-shooting certain service interruptions. This latest release also reflects the commitment to continuous update of features requested by existing users (for example easier login). The app supports consumers across all of the fifteen Cable & Wireless territories throughout the Caribbean.

Alvin Stokes, Senior VP, Customer Experience at Cable & Wireless said: “My Flow Self Care is increasingly important to the goals of improving value and speed of service for our customers. One example of this is the recently added ability to reset a customer’s cable modem and set top box devices remotely from the MyFlow app. This enables much faster resolution of service interruption while reducing calls to our call center. It also enables our customer support agents to dedicate their time to solving more complex customer issues that may arise. Overall, it improves efficiency and enhances the customer experience.”

“Digital self-care solutions are transforming the way communication service providers deliver value, engage with their customers and create new revenue streams. Consumers increasingly demand an intuitive and real-time support experience on every channel,” said Michael Matthews CEO at AwareX. “AwareX’s cloud-based product enables Cable & Wireless to provide a compelling self-care experience.”

The MyFlow app is free of charge and is available to download on the App Store and Google Play store. For more information or to learn more, visit


AwareX is a software company that enables service providers to quickly achieve total digital engagement with its self- care product suite. With millions of active global users, AwareX customers achieve more profitable consumer engagement by reducing cost of support, increasing add-on revenue and driving greater customer satisfaction.

Cable & Wireless Communications

Cable & Wireless Communications is a full-service communications and entertainment provider and delivers market-leading basic and enhanced video, broadband internet and fixed-line telephony to almost 1.6 million service subscribers as well as mobile voice and data services to more than 3.4 million mobile subscribers.

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