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Agora is a Headless cloud based infrastructure platform which enables comprehensive digital customer engagement.

Agora is the platform used in the AwareX DCX suite and enables Service Providers to reduce operational costs, to serve customers, increase revenues with context aware up-sell and improve their Net Promoter Score (NPS). It is also available independently as a headless platform to integrate into a service providers strategic digital architecture.

Agora integrates data from multiple back end systems such as BSS and enables its use by front end digital clients from AwareX or any other digital client developer. 


Agora enables the following key functions:

Creation of independent customer journeys on a per ‘service type’ basis

Provides 1000’s of customer ‘Intents’ based upon over 100 API’s.

Integration of multiple disparate sources of data

Combination and logic processing of data to produce customer meaningful information

Incremental addition of new Value

A defined API environment, facilitating clearly defined architectural separation

Delivery to a suite of Omni Client digital front ends from a single source with dependability and reliability

Compliance to the TMF ODA architectural standards

Agora uses Micro-services allow the separation as components via APIs of the back-end system of record BSS, the integration and combination of data to meet end customer needs, the presentation of the data through any digital channel, the analytics of customer usage and the marketing to end users through a campaign manager.

The autonomous stateless Agora platform can scale without impacting the performance of legacy or new BSS, supports individual customer journeys which can be added to support a full range of service types in an agile and resilient manner.

The Agora platform has been built to align and comply with the TMF ODA standard architecture.

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