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At AwareX we use a wide range of the latest technology, standards, code languages and development frameworks to produce the best possible ‘Carrier Grade’ Digital Engagement Platform.

AwareX build our system as a true native cloud product. We provide Apps which are Native and Web which is Responsive, we use the best of Native development and mobile web development tools to deliver the best possible technology stack to enable a preferred customer experience.

We maintain a single code base which is both supportable and upgradable, awareX provides a steady stream of innovation to our customers whilst ensuring our technology is fit for purpose. There are of course a large number of possible technology’s in fact a huge number of different code languages, frameworks, development environments and methods to use as a product company when developing new platforms, frameworks and Apps. We provide an overview of many of the technologies and state which ones we at awareX selected to build our product.

There is however no generic ‘right’ technology which is better than all the others and the reason is that with over 352 Billion App downloads expected by 2021 the diversity of usage, type, geography, economy and social positioning means that a Buzz word technology that is perfect for one App can be completely wrong for another.

A Technology Stack for Customer Engagement:

Around 61% of global mobile phone users are reported to access the internet from mobile devices in the year 2018

According to comScore reports, individuals spend 50% of their media time on mobile applications

The total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 were 197 billion and it is expected to reach 352 billion by 2021

Almost 91% of smartphone users are reported to turn to mobile apps for business information and research

The year 2018 marks a massive increase in consumers spending on Apple App and Google Play stores by 22%

Mobile apps have become the most convenient source of contact between businesses and customers. When choosing the best technology to create ultimate mobile apps, there are a multitude of options which we describe below. At awareX we will use the right technology to deliver superior digital engagement, end to end technology stacks and Apps.

AwareX delivers a product that works, is continually evolving and is low risk, utilising the right technology as described in the full description document you can read below.

The AwareX platform has been built to align and comply with the TMF ODA standard architecture.

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