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The Telemanagement Forum (TMF) have championed the use of Commercial Off The Shelf Software (COTS) by CSP’s within the context of a standardised process and systems architecture, the extended Telecom Operating Model (eTOM.) Also, often described as ‘out of the box’ OOTB, it defines software applications by their ability to be implemented only through configuration without the need for customisation, development or expensive support and upgrade procedures.

The benefit to CSP’s is rapid and assured implementation, reduced risk and low lifetime total cost of ownership whilst enjoying a continual stream of innovate new features and functions. They also allow superior integration through standardised API’s.

On top of this the software industry has increasingly embraced the use of Software as a Service (SaaS), which provide a standardised application delivered from the cloud with a flexible commercial model where you only pay for what you use without obstructive licensing agreements.


The TMF specifically advocate the journey to becoming a Digital Service Provider (DSP) using a COTS/SaaS approach to achieve the following goals: -

Creation of independent customer journeys on a per ‘service type’ basis

The desire to shift to new SaaS commercial models

The need to accelerate time to market capabilities

Setting up new lines of business with a dedicated Business Support System

The shift to Net Promoter score (NPS) as a driver of customer strategy

Introducing personalised and context aware offers to customers

Launching ‘Skinny’ services to cut IT costs.

AwareX combines both concepts into its digital Omni-Client suite which allows CSP’s to evolve into DSP’s efficiently and effectively. AwareX is a true product which delivers a wide range of benefits to customers but it is important to understand what this means for the CSP, what are the pros and Cons of this approach?

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