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The digital customer engagement industry is young yet industry bodies are driving standards to facilitate interoperability, security and scalability. AwareX supports the Open Digital Architecture (ODA) as a blueprint for success in the digital markets of tomorrow. It is focused on service providers business and operating models enabling a choice of technology partners, mindset, decision making and time to market advantages.

The ODA is an open architecture for business and technology which affords a community approach to best practice use of metadata, micro-services and normalised API’s in the digital world. The ODA reference architecture maps API’s against technical and business platform functions and offer a blueprint, language and set of key design principals which technology suppliers can deliver to accelerate the journey for CSP’s to transform to become DSP’s, where operators face common business challenges.


The business requirements defined by the ODA standard are:


Cloud. Applications natively architected to utilise the elastic scaling and High Availability (HA) of the cloud but not legacy apps adapted to a new platform.

Lower cost of operation. Ensure that architectures support automation and ultimately AI.

Flexible business models. Sharing of data with charging systems.

Multi-Vender support. Ability to integrate components such as chat bots.

Business agility. Minimise the time, cost and risk of launching a new product or service.

Ecosystem capable. Sideways integration to create new capabilities with API’s for both input and output of data.


The AwareX platform has been built to align and comply with the TMF ODA standard architecture

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