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The AwareX analytics system works across all digital omni channels not just Apps or Bots or Web for a comprehensive engagement ability with your customers. The primary concept is to enable the best possible customer engagement and experience using context aware data in combination with micro segmentation to offer the right product to the right person at the right time in the right place.

This has been shown in our operational systems to provide a transformational level of click through rates and purchases compared to traditional industry marketing activities.

The analytics are tightly integrated to the awareX micro-services integration platform offering a cloud-based system for standard dashboards, add-hoc reporting, end-user activity reports, contextual offerings and marketing up-sell with specific campaigns, through a campaign manager. 

Analytics & Marketing enables the following key functions:


with selectable variables of: users, sessions, device, OS, App version, time, session length, day part, day of week, new vs returning, country, language, platform, carrier/network, push enabled, acquisition source, subscription type









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