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Rapid marketing updates and the ability to be agile in the market is a critical requirement for market success. The ability to do this without any additional cost and within the Service Providers own resources are key requirements.

AwareX is built from the ground up with configurability as a core principle. Working with different service providers globally who have varying business processes, back-end systems, customer and digital maturity has given us a great understanding of how a configurable self service solution should function. 

AwareX provides the following mechanisms to configure the product:

Content Management System (CMS) Platform, which provides dynamic content to the mobile apps and web app

Configuration, Dress and Localisation options on the mobile app

Configuration driven by the Integration Platform



The AwareX Platform includes a Content Management System (CMS) which drives content in the mobile app (Native iOS and Android) and customer service website and can be used by Service Providers to change content without needing any software releases

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