Customer self-service is a 24*7*365 responsibility and needs to be available at all times to support end customers service requirements. Using a world class native cloud systems architecture AwareX offers an SLA of either 4 nines or 5 nines availability, to ensure customer satisfaction and continued revenue flow.

We want to deliver a service which has zero downtime, is always available to end customers and incase of failure at most suffers gradual degradation of the service within acceptable limits and has a zero time to recover following a disaster situation. All traffic must be routed automatically to available services.

Choice of Highly available configurations & SLA's:

Metro area HA offers 99.99% service availability

Wide area HA offers 99.999% service availability


We make use of the HA facilities available in the the AWS cloud and each AwareX system is configured with an architecture which uses best practice to achieve the highest possible levels of system and service availability. In practice, we see most service providers opting for the Metro area solution which is our standard and is both Highly Available HA and can be DR enabled. We provide this as a minimum in all our implementations.

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