Meeting Customers on their Channel of Choice

AwareX platform displayed on a laptop

Meeting Customers on their Channel of Choice

  • Native customer self-service apps - both IOS and Android

  • Self-service web sites

  • Smart voice assistants - Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

  • Bots - Facebook Messenger and SMS (short message service)

The AwareX Agora Engagement Platform

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The AwareX Agora Engagement Platform

Your organization is challenged in supporting all digital channels with one underlying set of business logic. This logic must connect to all back-end systems and ensure consistency of presentation to front end customer touch points whilst enabling your back end systems of record to maintain data integrity.

AgoraTM supports standard interfaces to all back-end and external systems via a variety of programmatic means (but preferably REST APIs) integrating (with industry standard encryption) into the widest range of Business Support Systems (BSS).

If you have an Enterprise Service Bus or an API portal, AgoraTM will smoothly integrate to that as well.


Service Types

AwareX supports all service types out of the box.

Mobile Pre-Paid

Fixed Line

Mobile Post-Paid


Mobile Hybrid

TV/Video on Demand (VOD)/Cable



Fully Configurable with Rich Functionality

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Fully Configurable with Rich Functionality

All product clients are white labeled and can be configured to match your corporate style guide: colors, images and fonts. We support multiple languages including double bit character sets. AwareX provides a range of digital customer self-service journeys out of the box. These can enable many configurable events: self-purchase, top-up, bill payment and other revenue upside journeys. There are over 140 standard features and functions available right now with new innovations added in every new release versions.

Scalable and Secure

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Scalable and Secure

Using elastic scaling running on multiple active/active cloud-based instances around the globe, AwareX enables systems to be economically configured from just a few thousand users up-to many millions providing consistently fast response times (which are continually monitored) to ensure happy users. Data security is paramount. We provide encryption of transmitted data, zero retention of personal data and we fully support GDPR.

Marketing and Analytics

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Marketing and Analytics

The AwareX platform includes a fully integrated analytics and marketing platform for campaign management that enables context aware personalization. This delivers an increase in active app users as well as higher retention. It is designed to enable targeted, timely and personalized push-messages to coincide with a marketing promotion or to engage with your users based on a variety of user attributes. Some attributes may include:  previous in-app behaviors (users who have topped up in the last 30 days), operating system/application version, current location (via Geo-fence) and many others. Campaigns can be optimized using A/B testing, the most powerful tool in the marketer's repertoire. Full graphical reporting is readily available to measure the effectiveness of all campaigns.

Industry Standards and Compliance

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Industry Standards and Compliance

The digital service provider industry is relatively new but industry bodies have already provided guidelines, recommendations and architectures to enable and support the move from CSP to DSP. The TM Forum (TMF) and its 900+ member-companies have created and endorsed Open Digital Architecture (ODA) to which AwareX is fully conformant. Rest assured that we are following best practice guidelines and standards of existing model and data driven architecture that address current challenges and improvements within the telecom industry.

High Availability

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High Availability

AwareX systems’ architecture is configured as an active/active multi server configuration with load balancing and graceful degradation but no service suspension in case of any failure. We offer both metro and wide area levels of high availability and disaster recovery (DR). The standard AwareX SLA for service availability is 99.99%.

Cloud and Software-As-A-Service (SaaS)

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Cloud and Software-As-A-Service (SaaS)

AwareX provides our service using native-cloud systems. They are fast, scalable, secure and inexpensive. We use the best public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS) which offer the most complete, capable and globally present service to get you up and running and to stay that way for your end customers. Our Software as a Service subscription scales with you, we only charge for active users not subscribers and we scale the system automatically to accommodate those active users.

Additional Product Features

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If you have a problem or need immediate support, our team is available 24*7*365. We support a full service level agreement (SLA) for both service uptime and response time.

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Each system is delivered with a complete set of monitoring tools. We measure a wide range of KPIs and ensure your end users get the best response times. Your team will have access with full transparency to both dashboards and detailed analysis.

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AwareX adds new features and functions to the base product in multiple releases a year. This means we help you present a high tempo refresh rate and keep up with industry trends/updates as needed.