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Consumer expectations are rapidly changing, and what they want from you is a personalized and contextual customer experience. An engaging experience that is low effort, frictionless, and makes them feel appreciated.

Highly engaged customers buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty resulting in your revenue growth and increased profitability. You must take the customer engagement challenge head-on and provide the consumer with an unparalleled experience that is truly differentiated.

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Create awesome digital moments for the customer that are persona-based and tailored for the individual consumer, household/family, and specialty segments such as GenZ/Youth and multi-lingual markets. Seamlessly deliver higher engagement and a personalized experience through the customers mobile, web, chat, voice, and social media digital touchpoints of choice.

Visually engaging UX with configurable care, commerce and inquiry customer experiences provide for an intuitive and consistent customer engagement journey across single, hybrid and multi-play pre/post-paid mobile, fixed line, broadband, and video product and services. Dynamic content individualizes one-to-one interactions based on your multi-faceted segments and criteria to personalize communications, upsell add-ons and offer recommendations that delivers the best outcomes for the customer and you.

Solution Business Benefits

Improved Net Promoter Score and Customer Effort Score

Increase revenue generation and customer lifetime value through results-driven transformational experiences

Provide the best possible consistent engagement experience across all digital touchpoints

Positively impact brand loyalty and advocacy with personalized and situational aware experiences


Boost customer retention by offering unique, flexible, and memorable customer engagements

Rapid time to market launch with AgoraTM’sCustomer Digital Engagement Platform Consumer Personas in months not years


Lowered contact center volumes

Reduced dependency on IT