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2023, a Year of Engagement and Planning for Continued Growth

Posted on Dec 21, 2023 1:35:46 PM by AwareX | awareX

At our core, AwareX is an engagement platform based on the philosophy that technology should be used to anticipate and assist humans, not the other way around! 2023 has proven to be quite an engaging year and here are some highlights below: 

Engaging in so many ways

Engagement is at the core of the AwareX suite of products and we were proud to show off our TMForum CEM certification (and how we earned it) to so many of you this year through webinars, demos, meetings and conversations.

Through our groundbreaking Catalyst Project, we explored digital engagement for B2B companies through work championed by AT&T, Sri Lanka Telecom and Indosat Ooredo Hutchinson. With B2B projected to make up more than half of telco revenue by 2025 (according to TM Forum research), find out how B2B employee digital engagement drives lifetime value on our Catalyst Project page. 

Because B2B is the fastest area of growth for communication service providers, understanding the opportunities in that service area as well as how to contextualize that experience is paramount. Check out our on-demand webinar on this very topic.

Building lifetime value

“Customer Lifetime Value” is a phrase you’ll hear us say time and time again because it’s the basis of keeping customers happy and loyal… and generating revenue for your business. In fact, you can hear it straight from our founder and CEO, Michael Matthews on a recent Data Movers podcast.

Meeting you at your defined touchpoints

Our team has crossed the globe this year to meet with you where you want to be, whether that was in person at a Digital Transformation World or Competitive Carriers Association event, in your offices or over many digital avenues.

This is the way that our platform allows you to meet with your customers as well, with their own preferred touchpoints. That process can start wherever your organization needs it, be it digitally onboarding customers, spinning up a web-based storefront, integrating a digital assistant into your service options, arming your employees with digital tools or a myriad of other places. If you’re ready to take that first step - or your next step - toward digital engagement, let us know!

Thank you for an engaging 2023 and we look forward to continued growth in 2024!