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CSP Solutions In Action: What Digital Employee Engagement Looks Like

Posted on May 23, 2024 1:59:13 PM by Michael Matthews

A smart, effective B2B2E platform can turn every interaction into a value-adding service opportunity to build longer, more meaningful and profitable relationships. But just what does such a digital engagement solution look like in action? How does it work in practice?

An End-to-End Solution

Picture a smartphone application that has the look and feel of a company offering the app to its employees, even though the solution is provided wholly by the company’s telco provider as a white-labeled service. The app acts as a B2B2E digital engagement solution, offering a differentiated experience for each user based on company role, seniority, and user persona. The solution would provide services like integrated charging and billing, an online company store, and even biometric identification capabilities, all available through a company-branded app.

With all this functionality, what tasks would it perform? What customer engagement journeys could it handle? For one, it could lead a company’s entire non-HR onboarding services. For another, it could facilitate shopping and purchasing from a robust marketplace for a wide range of digital and non-digital goods and services. It would also handle an array of telecom-related account services, including phone and device usage reports, SIM management, and bill payments.

In order to think about how such a solution would work in a few everyday customer engagement journey examples, for this case, let’s imagine a large food production and delivery organization called Belfry Bakery. The company has a corporate headquarters, as well as several different production facilities in a couple of different geographic regions. Let’s take a look at how a slick, integrated B2B2E solution could serve Belfry Bakery and its staff.


Employee getting Customer requirements (1)

Example 1: Allan

Allan has just been hired by Belfry Bakery as a new oven technician. As part of his non-HR onboarding, he is going to register as an employee. After downloading the CSP-provided company app on his personal mobile phone, he taps on the login option that allows him to start a new account. Part of the process is biometric identification where Allan uses the app to scan his face and driver's license using his phone’s camera to verify his identity.   Now, Allan is fully registered and ready to start work at Belfry Bakery.


Example 2: Belinda Girl setting Favorite Button in website (1)

Belinda is a longtime employee of Belfry Bakery, acting as manager at one of their storefront locations. Lately she’s been having trouble with her company mobile phone, and needs to replace it. After logging to the CSP-provided web app, Belinda shops the Belfry Bakery online store until she finds the phone model she wants. She clicks on View Cart to confirm her choice, then checks out using her corporate credit card to submit the order using a digital payment. She later receives an order confirmation and shipment summary on her company email account, and the new mobile phone arrives shortly after in the mail.


Example 3: Carlos Choose Your Colors (3)

Carlos is a manager at Belfry Bakery’s corporate headquarters and occasionally travels for work meetings. He knows he’ll need to use his work phone in another country in two days, and needs to activate an international roaming plan before he gets there. He opens the CSP-provided Belfry Bakery app, logs in, chooses the Buy Add-on functionality and requests a roaming add-on to his company phone plan. Carlos’ supervisor at the director level, Diana, is alerted to the request through a WhatsApp message on her phone, which she approves through the Belfry Bakery app. Diana also has the option to monitor Carlos’ usage details through a dashboard on her account, which has elevated visibility enabled for executive-level employees. Carlos’ roaming capabilities for his SIM is now activated, and he receives a text message confirmation of such. Later, he goes through the same process to discontinue the international roaming plan for his SIM upon returning from his trip.

Looking To The Future

These are just three examples of customer engagement journeys, where a CSP can empower a business client and their employees to reach desired outcomes more swiftly, end-to-end, with the most personal, relevant, and desirable experiences possible. With a B2B2E digital engagement suite, every employee experience can be turned into a value-adding service opportunity to build longer, more meaningful, and profitable relationships..

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