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AwareX Leads Catalyst Project and Conversation on Customer Lifetime Value at Digital Transformation World

Posted on Nov 6, 2023 9:51:09 AM by AwareX | digital transformation, TMF, digital customer engagement



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Last month, the AwareX team traveled to Copenhagen to take part in the Annual TMForum Event, Digital Transformation World. Year over year, DTW attracts nearly 4,000 senior-level attendees from many of the world's largest telcos, all gathering to review experiences, techniques and solutions for the challenges that they face as the world continues to evolve and place more demand on telecom infrastructure and services. 

One of the most effective ways to connect with industry peers and potential customers is through the Catalyst program presentations organized by TMF during the event. These Catalysts present current business challenges and pair together select vendors to collaboratively solve pressing technology and business challenges. This year was particularly special for AwareX, as the company spearheaded their own Catalyst project.

“For someone of our size to be invited to do this is significant. We stepped up big-time this year to propose and run a catalyst that illustrated the benefits of end-to-end compliance with the TMF,” said Michael Matthews, Founder and CEO of AwareX.

The AwareX Catalyst project was titled “B2B Employee Digital Engagement Drives Lifetime Value”. And the solution, which is based on market-ready TMForum-compliant components from AwareX, goTransverse and Kloudville, was aimed at helping CSPs better address their own B2B customers’ needs…a significant and growing source of revenue for CSPs globally. The importance of this solution was championed by three great telecom companies: AT&T, Sri Lanka Telecom and Indosat Ooredoo Hutchinson and provided AwareX with a platform to proselytize about both the uniqueness of their products and what it takes to build customer lifetime value in today’s ever-changing digital environment.

Outside of the Catalyst program, AwareX was one of only four vendors to participate in industry executive roundtables at the event. The AwareX team emphasized the importance of building customer lifetime value touching on how telecom companies can better engage digitally with their business and consumer customer bases. Customer lifetime value is one of Awarex’s main business pillars and a major point of differentiation in the platform and services they provide.

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